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The Birth Photographers are proudly situated in the beautiful Hawkesbury District and service the wider Hills, Blue Mountains and Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Birth Photography is a relatively new and fast growing concept. It takes the camera out of the birthing partner's hands, allowing them to experience the birth of their child first hand, rather than through the viewfinder of their camera. This also enables them to be 'in' the moment whilst offering their full support to the birthing mother.

Where once a woman's only memory of the birth process was a set of blurry, poorly exposed camera/phone snaps, birthing mothers can now look back on their birth as a story and relive the emotional highs beautifully captured by a professional.

Your story begins over a nice warm cup of tea, as you share your birth plan with us. We then wait with excited anticipation for that phone call that announces your baby has decided 'it's time' and the birthing process has begun. Be it day or night, in your home, in a hospital delivery suite, or a birthing centre, c-section or natural delivery, The Birth Photographers will be there to capture the final stages of your active labour and those first precious moments with your newborn baby.

Before too long, as these cherished memories begin to quickly fade, the postman will arrive. You sit down, in the comfort of your own home, cradling your newest little miracle and turn the TV on to watch the DVD slideshow of their amazing journey into this world - your birth story!
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