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When should we book our "Birth Photography Session"?
Given that we only attend a maximum of six (6) births per month, it is best to phone us to book your session as soon as you decide you would like us to capture your birth story. To reserve your booking, we require a non-refundable retainer of $150.00 with the balance being payable no less than three (3) weeks before your due date.

When do we call you?
It is very important, so that we can be prepared, that you let us know as soon as you think that labour has begun. Some early signs or symptoms may include niggly menstrual-type cramping, strong back pain, feelings of nausea, a mucus or bloody 'show', or more obviously your waters breaking. It is then helpful for you to continue to keep us updated as labour progresses. As soon as we learn that you are at 5-6cm dilation, we will make our way to your birth location.

Do we need to do anything?
Firstly, you need to discuss your desire to have a birth photographer with your chosen birth professional - midwife, obstetrician, or doula. Where possible, it is helpful for you to consider wearing and using darker coloured clothing, receiving towels etc as in most birthing environments darker colours look better and are easier to photograph.

Is this service applicable to caesarean births?
Yes. To view one of our many c-section births that we have covered click here. Hospital policies and birth professional's preferences determine our ability to be present in theatre. Your birth story can be just as amazing with images and moments captured before and after the birth of your little baby.
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